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Find joy and peace in the midst

of difficult circumstances.

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Ashley Abernathy


Welcome to Abernathy Counseling, LLC, where Ashley Abernathy provides compassionate and professional counseling services. Ashley's passion is helping people understand the patterns and behaviors that keep them stuck while supporting them as they create new ways of interacting with the world. Ashley understands that life can be hard and wants to help her clients find joy and peace in the midst of difficult circumstances.

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Ashley is focusing on helping women navigate motherhood, find joy in the journey, and maintain a sense of self. She also provides support to those struggling with complex grief and walks with them as they work to re-engage in life.

Ashley provides a safe place for individuals to feel and process their emotions while learning new ways of thinking and reacting. Her extensive experience working with populations that have survived trauma and broken family systems has taught her that everyone's journey is unique. Ashley is here to walk with you into the places that feel dark, overwhelming, or impossible.

Ashley graduated with her Masters of Science in Counseling and Development from Texas Woman’s University. She attended Texas A&M for her undergraduate studies in Psychology.

As a counselor, Ashley integrates evidence-based counseling techniques with biblical truth. She believes that there is hope for everyone and that God has a plan for the pain in our lives. She offers both telehealth and in-person sessions to meet the needs of clients.


Let Ashley Abernathy be a source of support along your journey towards healing and hope.


Services & areas of focus

Ashley Abernathy serves adults and teens (ages 13+) in person at her McKinney location and throughout Texas via telehealth.

to life changes

Ashley's passion is to support those who are creating new ways of interacting with the world.


Ashley provides support to those struggling with shattering grief and can help you re-engage in life.


Ashley is here to help you develop effective coping strategies and find peace in the uncertainty.


You are not alone. Ashley will journey with you into the places that feel dark and overwhelming.


If you are ready to make changes in your life, Ashley is here to support you. Please contact her to set up a free 15-minute phone consultation where she will address any questions you may have.

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